Discover our Ruban Vert app

Find us on Apple Store and Google Play and download the Ruban Vert app. It is now available on our 4 bases.

Ruban Vert app tabs

The Courses and Heritage tab will tell you about the route you’re taking. You will have access to all the information dedicated to local heritage from your smartphone via an interactive map. For example, clicking on the photo of a castle you see on the way will display a description of its history.

The Fauna and Flora tab informs you of the species visible during your walks.

The Practical Information tab features all the information regarding the rates, schedules and types of electric boats available on each of our 4 bases.

Finally, the Safety Instructions tab reminds you of all the applicable safety rules and navigation instructions. You must read them carefully before boarding. You will also find the emergency numbers to contact in the event of a problem.

The Ruban Vert app

Download our app to guide you and improve your boating experience: heritage, points of interest, wildlife, practical information and safety instructions… we tell you everything you need to know!