Ruban Vert

Electric powered boat rental in Nantes, Sucé-sur-Erdre, Vertou, Nort-sur-Erdre

Ruban Vert, founded in 1995is a pioneer in the electric powered license-free boat rental business. We offer trips down the rivers Erdre and Sèvre nantaise to wonder at the wildlife and scenery at your own leisurely pace.  With a fleet of over 90 units, Ruban Vert operates on 4 nautical bases in Nantes, Sucé-sur-Erdre, Vertou and Nort-sur-Erdre.

Our core values

Expertise in our field
Ruban Vert is a small company that covers boat rental, operation, servicing, overhaul and wintering.  We are uncompromising with the quality of our equipment, as well as with your comfort and safety and know our trade like the back of our hand, to make sure you get the best experience with Ruban Vert.

French-made resource sourcing
As we value our local resources and promote a local and circular economy90% of our suppliers are sourced in France and locally. By prioritizing French-made products (boats, rigging gear, French-produced rare metal-free batteries…), Ruban Vert contributes to a more eco-friendly and sustainable economy.

Our environmentally-friendly commitment
Preserving nature and promoting local sites and points of interest are part of what we are, so we are naturally committed to an environmentally-friendly approach. We are particularly focused on energy: All our bases are powered by ENERCOOP, a local and renewable power supply company.

A responsible employer
Team spirit, team building, mutual commitment….We strive to create a pleasant work environment and optimal working conditions for all our employees – permanent staff and seasonal workers alike. Thanks to this friendly and stimulating environment, 40% of our seasonal workers are happy to come back every year.

Our 2 associates

Associate at Ruban Vert since 2011

In charge of the Technical Department, he’s our boat fixer in chief and he knows them all inside out.

If you have a technical question about your boat, or want to know the name of a castle, a tree or a bird, or find out the meaning of life, for that matter…… this expert historian and DIY magician will no doubt have the answer!

His strong point: his forehand stroke
His phobia: drill bits
His hobbies: handball (HBC Nantes team), volleyball and cooking

Associate at Ruban Vert since 2017

Ruban Vert manager.

Matthieu is more at home on the water than in the air, so you won’t see him at the top of the mast, but he’ll sail you anywhere.  He’s a true geek, never without his PC or cell phone: you’ll definitely be in touch with him at one point or another!

His strong point: his backhand swings
His phobia: ladders and stepladders
His hobbies: sailing, tennis and skiing

Boating with Ruban Vert

Let off steam and just relax
Ruban Vert promises you an experience out of time. Sit back and relax as you float gently down the river, taking time off from the stress and pressures of daily life. Ready to hop aboard?

Reveal the sailor within
Ruban Vert aims to make boating accessible to all. Whatever your boating skills, everyone can steer our license-free boats and enjoy a unique experience. Ready to set sail?

Be at one with nature
At Ruban Vert, we are firmly committed to preserving the environment. A trip on our clean, silent electric boats is the ideal way to discover the richness and diversity of our local well-preserved natural environment. Ready to be impressed?

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