Vertou electric boat hire base

Sailing immersed
in intimate nature

Recharge your batteries surrounded by nature at its best.

Cast off for your own private trip through an outstanding natural heritage area. Get away from it all and enjoy the calm and variety of an ever-changing landscape along the River Sèvre Nantaise.

Enjoy a day out on the edge of the Nantes vineyards.

Our Vertou boat hire base

Opening of the 2024 season on Saturday, April 13th.

Our electric boat hire base is next to the restaurants and the lock below Vertou village center, on the Bassin du chêne, next the Moulin Gautron.

The river is quieter and more intimate than the River Erdre, and lets you simply enjoy the countryside at its best.

How to get there
By car: Vertou is only a 15-minute car drive from Nantes city center, and can be reached either through the vineyards or from exit 47 (Porte de Vertou) on the Nantes ring-road.
By public transportation: Take tram line 3 towards Neustrie, get off at the “8 mai” stop then take bus n°97 towards Vertou to the Parc de Sèvre stop or take the Busway towards Porte de Vertou, get off at the terminus then take bus n°28 towards Vertou to the Viviers stop.
Cycling: It takes about 25 minutes to cycle from Nantes city center to our Vertou boat hire base.

Lunch on the banks of the River Sèvre Nantaise

Before or after your trip, stop for lunch in one of the restaurants on quai de la Chaussée des Moines, opposite our hire base.

The route

Discover the Sèvre nantaise by boat with Ruban Vert!

The Chaussée des Moines (Monks’ Causeway) is a remarkable historic site. The causeway was originally a dam built by the monks in the 11th century. It was designed to make the Sèvre river navigable and to build a watermill. You will sail through a lush green landscape, with only anglers and the local wildlife for company.

The river meanders gently through constantly changing scenery. Discover the River Sèvre, sailing from our Vertou base:

  • Your trip begins at La Chaussée des Moines, a historic causeway built across the river.
  • A little further along on the right, just opposite the Vertou racecourse, stands la Frémoire, a château and estate overlooking the River Sèvre.
  • Your trip then takes you through the typical neighborhood of Portillon.
  • On the right, where the Sèvre meets the River Maine, stands the château de Coing. On the left lie la Cantrie and la Haie-Fouassière.
  • You then gently glide through the vineyards for some time before actually reaching the second village, which takes its name from a locally-made flatbread called “fouace”.
  • You can sail to Port-Domino at Monnières, end of the navigable Sèvre.

€6 / BOAT

The Nautical Rally game

You wish to have fun with family or friends for an even more unique navigation? Ruban Vert offers you a fun and friendly experience with its Rallye Nautic Ruban Vert application.

Our boats

Our Vertou boat hire base has 5 boat models to satisfy your requirements. We have a fleet of “mousses”, 2 to 5 passenger boats (“le Ruban” and “l’As”) (max. speed 5 Km/h, and the fleet of “capitaines”, 6 to 8 passenger boats (“le Sensas”, “le Set” and “le Most”), (max. speed 8 Km/h). In total, 18 license-free boats are available for you to discover the Sèvre Nantaise River.

Thanks to our silent electric boats, you can see the birds, ducks, herons, moor-hens and many other species of bird life at very close range. Enjoy a unique experience with friends or family as you glide through a variety of landscapes and enjoy the peace and quiet of the river with our silent, electric boats.

Opening times

Glissez vers la droite pour découvrir plus d’horaires.
Weekdays Wednesday Saturday, public holidays & school holidays Sunday
April & May 14h – 19h* 11h – 20h 11h – 19h
June Friday 15h – 20h (New!) * 14h – 19h* 11h – 20h 11h – 19h
July & August 11h – 20h* 11h – 20h 11h – 20h 10h30 – 19h30
September 14h – 19h* 11h – 19h 11h – 19h

* Depending on the weather conditions

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