Nort-sur-Erdre electric boat hire base

Setting sail on the Erdre River’s wildnerness

Enjoy nature at its best.

Nort-sur-Erdre is where the unspoilt navigable section of the River Erdre begins, winding its way through marshes and outstanding wildlife areas, an ideal setting for contemplation and daydreaming as you cruise along.

A trip through time along the banks of the River Erdre.

Our Nort-sur-Erdre boat hire base

Opening of the 2024 season on Saturday, April 20th.

The little river port of Nort-sur-Erdre, also known as the “pond”, was built around 1840. It attracts both history-lovers, due to its rich architectural heritage, and holiday-makers who enjoy the walks along the river. The port was a major commercial inland waterway hub for over a century. When commercial traffic stopped in the 1970s, it naturally became a favorite spot for leisure craft.

How to get there
By car: About 30 minutes from Nantes city center.

Lunch on the banks of the River Erdre

Before or after your trip, stop for lunch at the BM restaurant in Nort-sur-Erdre, 14 place du bassin. If you are out for the day, stop in one of the restaurants on the harbor at Sucé-sur-Erdre.

The route

Discover the wild Erdre River by boat with Ruban Vert!

Right next to Port Saint-George, which marks the limit between the navigable and unnavigable sections of the River Erdre, our Nort-sur-Erdre boat hire base is a haven of peace and quiet.

From Nort-sur-Erdre to the Mazerolles marshes, enjoy the time of your getaway from the serenity and calm of the Erdre River, for an unforgettable moment to discover the natural spaces and the local fauna. Along the water, admire:

  • The architectural heritage of Nort-sur-Erdre.
  • On your left, as soon as you leave the base, you can see Port-Mulon.
  • As you sail further down theriver, you will soon come across the magnificent château du Pont-Hus, built in the 18th century.
  • You then cross the Poupinière wetlands before reaching the Mazerolles marshes.
  • It takes about half a day to sail all the way down to the little port at Sucé-sur-Erdre with our electric boats, at a leisurely 8km/h.

€6 / BOAT

The Nautical Rally game

You wish to have fun with family or friends for an even more unique navigation? Ruban Vert offers you a fun and friendly experience with its Rallye Nautic Ruban Vert application.

Our boats

Our Nort-sur-Erdre boat hire base has 4 boat models to meet your requirements. We have a fleet of “mousses”, 2 to 5 passenger boats (“le Ruban” and “l’As”) (max. speed 5 Km/h), and the fleet of “capitaines”, 6 to 8 passenger boats (“le Set” and “le Most”), (max. speed 8 Km/h).  In total, 12 license-free boats are available to explore “France’s most beautiful river” to use the words of King Francis 1st.


Thanks to our silent electric boats, you can see the birds, ducks, herons, moor-hens and many other species of bird life at very close range. Enjoy a unique experience with friends or family as you glide through a variety of landscapes and enjoy the peace and quiet of the river with our silent, electric boats.

Opening times

Glissez vers la droite pour découvrir plus d’horaires.
Weekdays Saturday Sunday, public holidays & school holidays
April, May & June 14h – 19h 11h – 19h
July & August 11h – 19h 11h – 20h 11h – 19h
September 14h – 19h 11h – 19h


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