Do you want to have fun with family and friends? RUBAN VERT has developed an app for visitors to enjoy with the Nautical Rally adventure.

Out of the ordinary !
Have fun with our nautical rally on board an electric boat.

€6 / BOAT

A nautical rally
on an electric boat

All you need to do is download the Ruban Vert app from Apple Store or Google Play.


It’s a Smartphone game including 6 challenges: a quiz, memory and speed games, missing words, etc. The aim is to get the highest score possible and enter the Ruban Vert league table, displayed on our website!

In between games, you’ll be invited to take a snapshot (of the crew, someone, the landscape), that you can then customize. That way, you will have a picture display as a keepsake of your day out.

A chance to have a good time

This activity will allow you to navigate on the Rivers Erdre or Sèvre while having a fun time.

Whether you want to build or strengthen ties, celebrate an occasion  or just have fun, this is definitely for you!

Live a memorable experience aboard our license-free electric boats.

The choice is yours!

It’s up to you: you can do the Nautical Rally in a couple of hours or in a day. On Thursdays and Fridays, you can rent a boat  until 9 pm. You decide which time best suits you!

Book online now. For any questions, please fill out our contact form.

The “Rallye Nautic” game

Download our Rallye Nautic app, and enjoy a unique experience while you sail down the river. With family, friends, or in teams, answer quizzes while you sail past points of interest and outstanding sites along the banks of the Rivers Erdre and Sèvre Nantaise.