Nantes – Île de Versailles boat hire base

Sailing away
right by the city

Hire a boat in Nantes city center.

Get away from the noise and bustle of the city and treat yourself to a quiet moment in the countryside on board our electric boats, discovering the wildlife.

Who said city-dwellers can’t find their sea legs?

Our Nantes-Île de Versailles boat hire base

Opening of the 2024 season on Saturday, March 30th.

The Ruban Vert boat hire base is on the Île de Versailles, just opposite n°39, quai de Versailles in Nantes. This Japanese-style park is only a stone’s throw from the city center. This green haven is the ideal starting point for a trip on the River Erdre.

Become a skipper and hire one of our electric boats to celebrate a birthday, a hen party or a stag do, with your friends or family.

Access by tram, line 2, at the “Saint-Mihiel” or “Motte Rouge” stops.


Stop for lunch in one of the restaurants on the docks around l’Île de Versailles. If you are out for the day, stop in one of the restaurants on the harbor at Sucé-sur-Erdre.

The route

Discover the Erdre River by boat with Ruban Vert!

Starting from our boat hire base on île de Versailles, you can sail all the way to Sucé-sur-Erdre. Once you have passed the Tortière bridge, you can reach Petit Port in half an hour on our Ruban and AS boats. The river banks are lined with many magnificent châteaux:

  • As you carry on up the river, you will see the château de l’Eraudière on your right. Soon afterwards, you reach la Jonelière, with its lively quayside, its river barges and restaurants before sailing under the Jonelière and Beaujoire bridges.
  • A few minutes more will take you past the château de la Desnerie, in Chapelle-sur-Erdre.
  • Further along, on the right,you can see a former estate, which is now divided between the parc de la Chantrerie and the Nantes Veterinary College.
  • Our pontoon opposite the château de la Gascherie is a good place to moor and take a few photos.
  • Two châteaux, Nay and la Couronnerie, face each other across the river as you carry on towards Sucé-sur-Erdre.
  • You finally reach your destination at Sucé-sur-Erdre. With our fastest boats, the Scoops and the Mosts, the round trip takes a little over 4 hours. You can moor on our pontoon at Sucé and go and explore the old town.

€6 / BOAT

The Nautical Rally game

You wish to have fun with family or friends for an even more unique navigation? Ruban Vert offers you a fun and friendly experience with its Rallye Nautic Ruban Vert application.

Our boats

Our Nantes boat hire base has 5 boat and single and double canoe models to meet your requirements. We have a fleet of “mousses”, 2 to 5 passenger boats (“le Ruban” and “l’As”) (max. speed 5 Km/h, and the fleet of “capitaines”, 6 to 8 passenger boats (“le Sensas”, “le Set” and “le Most”), (max. speed 8 Km/h). In total, 36 license-free boats and 25 canoesare available to explore “France’s most beautiful river” to use the words of King Francis 1st.

Thanks to our silent electric boats, you can see the birds, ducks, herons, moor-hens and many other species of bird life at very close range. Enjoy a unique experience with friends or family as you glide through a variety of landscapes and enjoy the peace and quiet of the river with our silent, electric boats.

Opening times

Glissez vers la droite pour découvrir plus d’horaires.
Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday Thursday & Friday Saturday, public holidays & school holidays Sunday
April & May 14h – 19h 14h – 19h 11h – 20h 10h30 -19h30
June 12h – 19h30 (New!) 12h – 21h (New!) 11h – 20h 10h30 – 19h30
July & August 11h -20h 11h -21h 11h -20h 10h30 -19h30
September 14h – 19h 14h – 19h 11h -20h 10h30 -19h30
October Closed
(except during the All Saints school holidays – 14h – 19h)
(except during the All Saints school holidays – 14h – 19h)
14h – 19h 14h – 19h


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