No HEALTH PASS required at RUBAN VERT. Reservations can be made either from our website or on site. Before going to our bases, consult our Covid-19 protocol in "Our news" and we remind you that wearing a mask is mandatory on our bases until boarding.

Electric boats hire in Nantes, Sucé-sur-Erdre, Vertou and Nort-sur-Erdre
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Safety and navigation instructions

Safety is essential when hiring a boat.

Please read the following safety instructions carefully to enjoy your cruise on the River Erdre or River Sèvre to the full.

1 – Each passenger has been given a life vest. Remember: they must be worn at all times.

2 – Give way to all other vessels.

3 – Always stay in the middle of the river. In places, the navigation channel is marked by red and green buoys: stay in the channel. When going under bridges, always go through the central arches.

4 – The skipper must avoid alcohol altogether and passengers should limit their consumption.

5 – Steer to the right of any boat coming in the opposite direction.

6 – You can overtake other vessels if your speed allows. When overtaking another vessel, always stay to the left and keep your distance.

7 – Only stop on the designated public pontoons along the river (you can download RUBAN VERT app on GooglePlay or AppStore). Do not moor on the river banks away from the proper pontoons. It is forbidden to moor under bridges to avoid obstructing the channel.

8 – If you see anglers on the banks, please steer clear of the fishing lines.

9 – It is strictly forbidden to sail through the Saint-Felix tunnel and on any tributaries of the River Erdre or River Sèvre. In Nantes, it is forbidden to sail toward the city center and around Ile de Versailles.

10 – Before you set off, check that you have everything you need on board to enjoy a safe and enjoyable cruise, i.e. sun-hats, sun-cream, life vests and a well-charged mobile phone.

11 – When you return to base, wait for the RUBAN VERT operator to tell you when to berth and when it is safe to disembark.

In the event of a breakdown, incident or accident, please phone us on (+33) (0) 6 28 13 31 45 or (+33) (0) 6 76 14 21 89 or (+33) (0) 6 50 50 75 69.

You are now ready to enjoy your cruise.

Have a safe and enjoyable trip!

The RUBAN VERT team.