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Electric boats hire in Nantes, Sucé-sur-Erdre, Vertou and Nort-sur-Erdre
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A cultural outing in Nantes

You would like to do a cultural activity in Nantes, but you have already visited the castle of the Dukes of Brittany? Are you up to date with the exhibitions of the LU Tower and the Nantes Museum of Arts? Cultivate yourself while sailing on the Erdre or the Sèvre river in Nantes!

Discovering the châteaux in the Nantes area by boat

This is an original cultural outing! On board an electric boat or on a kayak-canoe, explore Nantes’ rich historical, architectural and environmental heritage. Whether you’re with family, friends, a couple or to seduce, it’s the ideal activity to cultivate yourself without getting bored!

From our nautical base on the île de Versailles, you can admire many castles and manor houses along the Erdre: the Château de l’Eraudière, the Château de la Desnerie, de la Poterie, de Nay…


They are numerous, sometimes classified as historical monuments. You will be able to compare the different architectural styles. They were built in the 15th or 19th century.

The château de la Frémoire and the Chaussée des Moines causeway dam can be seen from our Vertou base, on the Sèvre nantaise river!

A biology lesson “in the field”

More interested in life sciences than in history? Explore the Erdre marshes and discover the Plaine de Mazerolles. Better than learning from books, observe thousands of anatidae (geese, swans, ducks…) in their natural habitat, in the heart of a migratory route!

These wetlands are also home to a dozen or so protected plants, among over 200 plant species, and many kinds of insects. All you have to do is rent an electric boat from our base in Sucé-sur-Erdre to discover this incredible place!

Organizing a cultural outing in Nantes

You can mail us via our contact form to book your electric boat or kayak-canoe, according to the number of people involved.

We provide information packs on the route and points of interest that you can see along the way. Of course, you are also free to plan your own stops and visits!

Would you like a picnic for your educational outing? You can bring your own snacks and sandwiches. Our Most and Sensas boat models are equipped with a picnic table.

You can also book on line!

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