Nautical rally on the Rivers Erdre and Sèvre

from €6
per boat

Want to organize a team-building event for your staff, but not quite sure how to go about it? Why not try something completely different?

Get out of the ordinary! Organize a nautical rally with electric boats.

Organize a truly original team-building activity

There’s not shortage of team-building ideas around nowadays, so how can you do something different? If you are based in or around Nantes, Ruban Vert can help you organize a truly original team-building activity. Namely, a trip in an electric boat or canoe.

Whether the aim is to strengthen the team spirit for an ongoing project, reward your teams for a successful project or simply to get people to know each other better, come and have fun on the river!

Boost your staff’s team spirit by sending them on a waterborne adventure on our electric boats or kayak-canoes! Guaranteed to break with the daily routine!

€6 / BOAT

A nautical rally on the River Erdre, on electric boats

For your team-building activities in Nantes, our Nantes Ruban Vert boat hire can organize a nautical rally on board of our silent electric boats!


It’s a Smartphone game including 6 challenges: a quiz, memory and speed games, missing words, etc. The aim is to get the highest score possible and enter the Ruban Vert league table, displayed on our website! In between games, you’ll be invited to take a snapshot (of the crew, someone, the landscape), that you can then customize. That way, you will have a picture display as a keepsake of your day out.

A fun, entertaining and mind-provoking team-building activity for your staff to rediscover Nantes and develop their team spirit.

Bespoke team-building ideas

Organizing successful team-building activities is by no means easy. Many parameters, in particular the number of participants, have to be taken into account.
Our Ile de Versailles Ruban Vert boat hire base in Nantes can cater for groups of up to 120!

Depending on your aim, you can choose a short 1 or 2-hour trip, or book a half-day or full day on the river. In spring and summer, you can even carry on through to 9 p.m. or choose our After-work option! For a short break or a real challenge in a relaxed atmosphere, choose the option that best suits your needs.

And to round off the occasion, we can provide aperitif picnic hampers made by Oh my Brunch with drinks and sweet and savory snacks.