Are you in charge of children and want to plan an original school outing without the hassle of having to organize transport?
Why not opt for a school boat trip on the river in the Nantes area?

An outdoor biology and natural history lesson

On the River Erdre or on the Sèvre Nantaise, let your students discover the diversity of local wildlife and plant life! The outing can turn into an invaluable biology and natural history lesson.

If they look for wildlife, the students may catch sight of River Sèvre beavers, coypu and if they’re very observant (and lucky), a common genet.
Birdlife is particularly abundant, with grey herons and night herons, cormorants, seagulls, spoonbills, coots, mallards, swans and many other species.

On the flora side, this is an opportunity to introduce students to local protected plants. You’ll see the common cinquefoil, Moore’s horsetail and Saint-Roch’s grass. The waters of Nantes are also inhabited by exotic plants. They were introduced to France more than a century ago, such as the Brazilian water milfoil or the primrose.

You finally have the possibility to sail towards the Mazerolles plain, located on a migration route. Dozens of species of animals, birds and plants are waiting for you there!

A history lesson on the River Erdre

The banks of the River Erdre are also the perfect setting for a history lesson, with a rich architectural and historical heritage.

Châteaux in the Nantes area

Numerous castles and manor houses line the banks of the Erdre: from your electric boat, enjoy a sensational view of castles from the 14th to the 20th century. The opportunity for children to discover :

• First, the Château de l’Eraudière, built in the 16th century, facing the river.

• Comes after, the Château de la Desnerie, a listed historic building, with its twin towers dating back to the 15th century.

• Then, the Château de la Poterie, which was only completed at the French Revolution in 1789 by Ceineray, the architect.

• After, the Château de la Chantrerie which has overlooked the River Erdre since 1820, with its massive grounds, now a well-known park for the citizens of Nantes.

• Next, the Château de la Gascherie, a listed historic building built in the 15th century. This is where the Protestants fleeing Nantes in 1563 took refuge from persecution.

• Finally, the Château de Nay: built in the 19th century, it includes a tower, a private chapel and a dovecote.

The German occupation and the Resistance movement in Nantes

As the course of the River Erdre has changed throughout history, you can also touch on the history of the Second World War, near the Cours des 50 otages.

The course was named after the shooting of 48 prisoners by the German occupation authorities in retaliation for the assassination of Karl Hotz. Among these 48 hostages was 17-year-old Guy Môquet.

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Organizing your school boat trip

When organizing a school trip, remember to book well in advance. But also specify the number of students and accompanying persons involved. We can then tell you how many electric boats will be needed.

Our electric boats can take up to 10 passengers, which is ideal for small school parties. We provide information packs on the route and points of interest, to help the teachers. ????

Your trip can start either from our Île de Versailles boat hire base in Nantes or from Sucé-sur-Erdre.

To book your trip, we can work out the best options for your school outing. You can also write to us via our contact form!

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