Starting from our electric boat hire base in Vertou,
discover the lovely surrounding countryside and the Sèvres river banks.

Hiring an electric boat in Vertou

Before your cruise, don’t forget to visit the Chaussée des Moines site itself. This age-old site is a favorite with the locals for walks and relaxation.

The causeway dam (“la Chaussée”) was built over a thousand years ago by monks, and it connects the Chêne neighborhood with the low-lying parts of the town of Vertou. When it was built, it served several purposes: connecting two parts of the town, making the upstream section of the river navigable & powering a flour mill for the monastery. The lock that was then built is still in use today and was used to allow passage towards Nantes.

There are two adjacent parks: Sèvre Park and Loiry Park are ideal places for a quiet walk and a picnic in a natural setting. Fine-food lovers will love the restaurants next to the lock, while art lovers will be attracted to the Moulin Gautron Art Gallery on the other side of the Chaussée.

More sporty visitors  may want to climb the hill behind the building and enjoy an amazing view over the whole area.

Electric boat cruise on the River Sèvre Nantaise

Start your boat trip from our Vertou base and take in the beauty of the Chaussée des Moines site. Then sail under the bridge and discover the must-see sites on the banks of the River Sèvre:

• After a few minutes, you will sail past the Vertou horse racing track. The venue for several major horse racing and show jumping events in the late summer.

• On the other bank stands the Château de la Frémoire overlooking the river. This was a 16th century Manor House, destroyed during the French Revolution then rebuilt in 1860. Since 1989, it has housed the premises of the local wine-growing and wine-making industry.

• As you carry on up the river, you will soon come across an age-old settlement: Portillon. This part of the river attracts many anglers and nature lovers.

• As you reach the junction with the River Maine, you will see the Château de Coing on your right. This is a historic 15th century wine-growing estate with a group of buildings in the typical “Clisson” style.

• On your left stand the villages of la Cantrie and la Haie-Fouassière. The latter is a famous landmark of the local wine-growing sector. It used to be called Montauban de Bretagne and was renamed in 1672. It takes its name from a local flatbread pastry called “la fouace”.

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Book a boat trip in Vertou

Vertou and the Sèvre Nantaise river are right in the countryside and yet, being so close to Nantes, they are favorite destinations for those who want to escape the bustle of city life.

Why not make this idyllic setting the backdrop for a romantic trip for two, or a family week-end outing or for a relaxing outing with friends? Whatever your plan, we can find a solution tailored for the number of people involved, and can also provide drinks, as well as sweet and savory snacks!

Our boat hire base in Vertou is very popular in the summer, so remember to book your boat or canoe trip on the River Sèvre well in advance. If you have any questions or special requirements, leave a message via our contact form! If you already have it all planned out, then  book online.

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